Restaurant Review – Congee Queen

I love Congee Queen. This is one of those spots that's always busy, and for very good reason. Their food is consistently delicious, and it is served at a quick and efficient pace by a well-trained staff. Even though the meat here is not halal, there are enough seafood and vegetarian options that you definitely won't feel like you're missing out.

Shan Masala Recipe – Shrimp Karahi

In this post I discuss how I use Shan Masala's Karahi mix to make Shrimp Karahi. If you notice, they don't have seafood in their instruction list, but I can guarantee you that shrimp tastes amazing with this seasoning regardless.

Wedding Planning – Cake (Simply Cakes by Sayu)

I love looking at pictures of beautiful cakes being cut at weddings. I think it's adorable when they match the wedding decor. My cousin even had a custom cake top designed to match her and her husband's outfit. You can get the most elegant looking cake knives with your names carved on them on Etsy. You can go above and beyond with your wedding cake. I just didn't care.