Nothing fits me anymore

You know how they say that marriage makes you put on weight? Well, it’s true.

I didn’t eat three traditional meals everyday before I got married. In fact, I didn’t eat very much at all. I used to have a coffee for breakfast, soup at lunch time, a smoothie as my snack, and then finally a roti with whatever salan my mom had made for dinner once I got home from work. I would throw in a basic 20 minute cardio workout before bed, and overall I was pretty happy with my size.

I got married in January 2017, and things changed drastically. Hubby doesn’t eat a real breakfast on weekdays, but on weekends he likes to have eggs with bacon, and boy I had no idea what I was missing out on until I tried it myself. I know – you’re probably wondering how I can have the word halal in my url if I’m talking about eating bacon. This is what we get:


(For the tastiest results, heat them on medium-low, flipping them every minute or so until they’ve reached your optimal level of crispiness. Then savour the goodness. Mm mmm! I don’t add any butter or oil because its releases some of its own fats.)

Hubby has an insatiable sweet tooth too, so practically every meal is accompanied with some form of dessert, or at the very least, a can of pop. “Chai and scrumpets” actually became a meal of its own.

And well, if he’s eating something, I don’t just want to sit and watch. I want to help myself too.

After I returned from my honeymoon, so about a month after my wedding, I stepped on the scale and realized I had already put on a whopping 10 pounds! Cuban food wasn’t amazing, and there weren’t many seafood or veggie options either, but damn if I wasn’t going to eat my fill at an all-inclusive restaurant!

And of course, the double edged sword that is halal dating. My curfew evaporated the day I got married, and I suddenly had a permanent buddy to dine out with. We tried out restaurants from my halal restaurant bucket list in the GTA whenever we got the chance (I still have over a hundred I haven’t visited yet, and do not fear, I will do reviews of where ever I have been). The foodie in me was on cloud nine.

As for my workouts? ..what is a workout?

Alas, by the time spring hit, I started seeing a visible difference in my pictures, and with hubby being blessed with skinny genes and me starting to look more and more like a potato, I realized it was time for a change. Even the rude desi aunties (and daddy dearest) were bringing it up now (while refilling my plate with more home cooked delicacies, of course).

Now we all know that in order to lose weight, you need to have a calorie deficit. But I still wasn’t ready to give up my new eating habits. So if I was going to keep up with the diet, I would have to reintroduce some exercise into my life. I joined GoodLife Fitness using my employee benefits, and started going to some of the classes during lunchtime. My favourites by far were Zumba (520 cals/class), Sh’bam (510 cals/class), and BodyCombat (740 cals/class). I prefer classes way more than jogging or using equipment etc. It doesn’t really feel like a workout but with the way I sweat I feel like I’ve accomplished much more.

In a month or two of going to those classes 3 or 4 times a week, I noticed that I had stopped gaining weight, and whatever fat I had accumulated over my first few months of marriage was melting away! I was returning to my normal size!

Great progress, right? I was very proud of myself.

That’s when my current job fell into my lap. Here, standard hours are 8-6 everyday, and you can forget going to the gym at lunch time. In fact, you can forget about lunch breaks completely. You can slip away to grab something from the food court downstairs if you want, but no one eats away from their desk here. So despite the sedentary lifestyle, I genuinely don’t have the energy to work out at the end of the day. Within weeks, anyone could see the progress from the time I spent at GoodLife going down the drain.

Just when you thought my fitness situation couldn’t get worse – lo and behold, less than two months into starting this job, I found out I was pregnant. Soon enough the rest of my energy reserves fizzled away into nothing. I was sleeping on the ride to work, back from work, and knocking out without even bothering with dinner on some days.

The morning sickness kept my weight gain at bay for the first trimester, but now that it’s a little more under control, I’ve been packing on the pounds like Pillsbury Doughboy despite the fact that my main pregnancy aversion is sweets!

I already weigh more than hubby, my waist size is larger than his, and I still have one trimester left to go. I know I will only get bigger from here, and I know weight loss isn’t probable or even advisable until postpartum, but damn. I don’t even recognize the person in the mirror anymore. I know this little bundle of joy is worth all the trouble it’s putting me through, but I can not wait until it’s finally out and my body feels like my own again!

As I sit here in sneakers and maternity pants where I used to wear platform pumps and high waisted slacks, I lament the money I spent on buying a brand new snazzy wardrobe for this job. Nothing fits me anymore.

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