Restaurant Review – Cluck Clucks

Cluck Clucks is a halal chicken and waffles fast food restaurant located in downtown Toronto. It was about a 20 minute walk from my previous job, going past St. Lawrence and on Esplanade, so on cold winter days we tried to avoid the trek (although it’s worth it!), but in the summer it was a very pleasant walk over. It might’ve been a little hard to find because we didn’t know the area well, but oh boy, as soon as you get close enough, the smell will pull you straight to the door.

It’s a small restaurant with crisp, clean and cute decor with a few tables for dine-in customers to sit and enjoy their food while it’s fresh. I first visited shortly after their grand opening, and it was quiet. The next few times though, there was a lineup at the cash! Props to them for doing well.

For a fast food restaurant, the service was amazing, no matter who greeted us at the cash. The first time we went, the owner walked us through the menu items, gauged our preferences and made recommendations.

The food is as fresh as it can get. The waffle batter goes in right after you place your order, and your chicken is fried in front of you too. I ordered the Cluck Yeah ($13 sandwich/$15 combo), which is basically a chicken and (jalapeno/cheddar) waffle sandwich. The sauce is delicious. I’m drooling as I type.


I’m pretty sure what hubz ordered was the Holy Cluck ($11 sandwich/$14 combo), which was also very delicious but I definitely preferred the jalapeno flavour in mine.

I know, I know, these pictures don’t give you that much of a foodgasm. I devoured it before I thought of getting better pics okay. Just trust me, it tastes way better than it looks.

The owner actually recognized us on our second visit, and wasn’t that an honour! He thanked us for dropping by, made small talk, and asked us for feedback. We felt very special.

After I brought my leftovers back to work once, the word spread and my whole team started loving Cluck Clucks too. So because of my team, I know they have options for both take out (you can use my referral link to get $10 off with Ritual) and delivery  (my UberEats referral code eats-maryamm166ue saves you $5 if you’re signing up for the first time). But honestly, that will never be as good as dining in because waffles and fried chicken would obviously get soggy during transit, ya’know?

We do think the price point should have been a little bit lower, because we compared the value of $30 at say, a Popeyes restaurant, vs. just getting two combos over here – but hey, it sells because it’s good. (I know, it’s not exactly apples vs. apples but you know what I mean). Doesn’t really matter in the end though. Cluck Clucks has won my heart.

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