Restaurant Review – Apollo Bakery & Grill

Apollo Bakery & Grill is a Middle Eastern restaurant located near the Dixie & Eglinton area of Mississauga. I went there on a double date with a couple that had already tried and tested many of their menu items, and they spoke very highly of the quality of food and service at the restaurant.

One thing I was surprised to note was how big Apollo is! One side is designated to the bakery (I didn’t go there, sadly) and one side is for the grilled foods. There was a short lineup at the front for takeout orders, but we bypassed that line to meet our friends, who were already seated in a booth on the side.

When we first sat down, we realized that there were too many yummy looking options on the menu, and we had no idea what to order! But the waitress was very sweet and friendly – she walked us through different items to help us make our choices, showed us what some of the menu items looked like as they were being served to other people, and when I asked her to take a picture of us, she actually went through the trouble of going to wash her hands so she wouldn’t ruin my camera.

I got the Chicken Shawarma Plate ($13), which has a very generous serving of meat on a pita. It comes with pickles and garlic sauce, and a choice of fries, salad or rice. You can get tahini sauce and hot sauce if you ask, and they aren’t stingy about giving you extras.

Personally, I don’t think it’s the best chicken shawarma on the planet. I’ve had much better. And the more it cools, the less you’d want to eat it.

We were curious as to what our neighbours were having, and as it turns out, the Beef Shawarma Plate (not sure about the price of this one) pictured below was an item off their old menu, and since regular customers still like to order it, they still serve it. To be honest, I thought the chicken tasted better than the beef.

I’m not a huge fan of eggplant so I didn’t try this, but we had an order of Eggplant Kebab ($16) on the table, which had a full grilled eggplant with ground beef stuffed in a red pepper. This dish had the most amount of gravy, so if you’re not a fan of dry meals this might be a good option for you.

And in the end was the highlight of our meal – the knafeh ($7). Just look at it. It tasted amazing. I’ve never had one of these before but it was warm, crispy on the top and chewy at the bottom and sweet all the way through. Since we were all so stuffed from our entrees, the four of us split one knafeh and that was a good enough serving size for us!

I think overall the entrees were okay – extremely generous portions but didn’t really stand out too much from any other middle eastern restaurant. However the dessert was lightyears better, and I could probably feast on the knafeh all day. I probably wouldn’t mind revisiting this place because I liked the service and the dessert, but I think I’d rather try a different entree next time.

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