My Baby Shower

The weekend before last, I had my long awaited bridal shower, put together by my lovely family: mom, sister in law, and baby cousins. I didn’t want to be involved in the planning, so I gave them the dates that I was free and a list of people whom I wanted there. I told them that my preference was an outdoor daytime event, but I knew that depended on the weather and so I wasn’t going to be picky. Boy, was I blown away when I showed up.

On the menu we had the following for appetizers:
– samosas
– spring rolls
– fruit

For the meal:
– haleem
– fried rice, chili chicken, and noodles (from Salt & Pepper)
– pizza (from Pizza Hut)

And as for dessert:
– homemade kulfi
– cake, cake pops, and donuts (by treatmesweetly by Ameena)



– sodas
– lemonade
– tea

It turned out to be a lovely event. It ended up being indoors due to rain, and the place still looked perfect for photos with guests. We had a pretty good turnout, everyone mingled well, and tonnes of guests stayed long after dark. The games were fun and interactive, the food was great, and the gifts were all near and dear to my heart. Check out this lovely decor.



And these adorable favours my bhabhi made:


Aren’t you impressed? I was really impressed.

I got my hair done by Fefe Makeup Artist in Milton for $60, and my dress was from PinkBlush Maternity.



What do you guys think? 🙂



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