Pregnancy Stretch Mark Prevention – Bio Oil and Coco Shea Butter

From learning that I was pregnant to giving birth (more on that another day) and then having a colicky baby, this whole affair has been nothing short of dramatic. Now that baby and I are feeling more lively though, I’m able to start sharing here again.

Today I want to talk about how I prevented getting stretch marks.

I hadn’t even fully digested the news of my pregnancy when it felt like everyone and their neighbour started giving me tips on how to handle my journey. All of the conversations I was having started to revolve around life both during and after pregnancy. I heard tonnes of birth stories, got plenty of nursing advice and heard dozens of arguments for and against epidurals. Name suggestions, tips on parenting toddlers, and how to reorganize my home to prepare for the child were all topics that suddenly became open discussion whether or not I was even paying attention.

Overall I had been okay with filtering the information that was relevant to me at each point in time. I didn’t want to hear about unicorn pregnancies when I had such a miserable experience. I didn’t want to hear about health and fitness tips when I was throwing up while ballooning like a whale. I just wanted this experience to be over and done with, and I wanted to be myself again.

In that vein, I heard about two main items that could help prevent stretch marks, both from the people around me and through my online research: bio oil and coco shea butter.

The overall consensus with either product seemed to be that using them twice a day starting in the second trimester would dramatically reduce chances of getting stretch marks. Now I come from a family of doctors, and they claimed that it’s not something I can control, that it’s genetic and I should just prepare for the worst.

But I had to at least try, right?


I mixed it up with the products to see if it would help. I used the bio oil every morning after my shower, and I used the coco butter at night before I went to sleep. Once I hit my third trimester, if my skin was feeling a little tight (itchy!) at any point in between, I’d slop on another layer of whatever product I was sitting closest to.

I did this every single day from the start of my second trimester to the day I delivered my daughter (41 weeks).

And lo and behold, my journey is over and despite having gained a whopping 45 pounds on my 5’1″ frame by the end of my pregnancy, I am still stretch mark free!


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