Muslim Baby Clothing – Myra Kids

Living in North America, there is obviously a huge gap in what we see around us and our core values as Muslims. I don’t know about you, but I certainly felt it when I had my baby. I could not find a single retailer that carried Ramadan or Eid themed baby outfits in the mall – even when I could find things for St. Patrick’s Day (which by the way I still don’t really know the background of.. homework for after this blog post I guess). 

All I wanted was something for my baby to wear that would celebrate Islam while also staying relevant to modern pop culture in North America.

I saw some stuff online, but it was always white onesies with designs that didn’t really suit my style. So that’s where Myra Kids comes in. This is what I’ve spent most of my time working on this year.

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It’s on the minimalistic side, and definitely more along the lines of what I would consider to be cool. I could even see myself wearing something to match my baby along with my husband thanks to the Amazon youth and adult sizes.

A popular white people proverb in Ramadan


So if you’re reading my blog, please do me a favour and check out Myra Kids! You can follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook as well! I just launched, and have already made some sales to some happy customers! If you’re going to a baby shower for a pregnant Muslim friend, visiting a Muslim friend’s new baby and looking for an aqiqah gift, or are a new Muslim mom, you can definitely consider this as a unique alternative to generic gifts from brick and mortar stores.



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